Sheri & Jeb

Hoping to Adopt (Arkansas)


Sheri doing graphic design work.
Sheri loves working in the backyard.
Jeb playing drums for the worship service.
We went on a kiddy Haunted House ride and Sheri closed her eyes the whole time.
Dinner with friends!
We love music and attending concerts, especially when outdoors!
Gathering with friends at the end of a semester.
We live in a 3-bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood.
Our living room is where we spend most of our time when we’re home.
Picking fruit is one of Sheri's favorite thing to do.
Sheri loves babies and is great with young kids.
Us with our youth students.
Learning to salsa dance before we were even dating!
Jeb has a great sense of humor and is fun!
Sheri's cousins have children, and we are blessed to get to watch them grow up.
Our first time trying paddle boarding, and Jeb rocked it!
Us with Jeb's side of the family.
Us with Sheri's side of the family on the lake.
Sheri ran a marathon in 4 hours and 1 minute!
Many of our friends have small children, and we enjoy interacting with them.
Sheri enjoys art and posing with murals.
Jeb enjoying an amazing burger.
We have a fenced in backyard in a peaceful neighborhood and anticipate our child exploring this space.
We enjoy eating breakfast on our front porch.
We love trying new restaurants and revisiting our favorites!
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