Sheri & Jeb

Hoping to Adopt (Arkansas)


Quarantine Activities

The last few months have been unusual to say the least! Jeb and I have both been working from home. I've been utilizing grocery pick-up (and will probably keep with it after all this is over because it's so much faster!) We have enjoyed the slower pace of life. While in-person visits lessened, we have kept in contact with friends and family via video calls, and that has helped us still feel connected. We took our kayaks out on a nearby lake to enjoy the fresh air and the opportunity to be together and dream about our future. During this time, we have been praying for you. We pray for you to be supported and encouraged as you walk through your pregnancy in this season of so many unknowns. We take comfort that our God is sovereign, and He knows the plans for your life, your child's life, and ours.  - Sheri

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